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about portland

"Victoria's Birthplace by the Sea" is the perfect holiday destination for all ages.

Situated on Portland Bay, 361km west of Melbourne and 75km east of the South Australian border, this coastal town features some of the best surf beaches, beautifully maintained heritage buildings, tourist walks and fishing spots, to name a few. You will discover that Portland offers the facilities of a large city combined with a spectacular, natural environment.

Portland is home to over 200 beautifully maintained heritage buildings and private residences, showcasing Portland’s historic past, many of which can be viewed on the Historic Buildings Walk. The Henty brothers were the first pioneers of Portland and established the first permanent settlement in Victoria. This history dates back to the early 1800s. A long history of seafaring is evident in the numerous exhibits at Portland’s maritime discovery centre.

Today, Portland has come alive with activities including local fishing, international shipping, historic walks, local waterfront restaurants, great swimming beaches, cable tram, harbour cruises and dolphin and whale watching.

This scenic holiday destination boasts the only deep-sea port between Adelaide and Port Phillip. Portland is a major exporting centre for the produce of south-western Victoria and south-eastern South Australia - principally wool, grains and secondary manufactures made in Portland itself. Other contributions to the local economy are made by an aluminium smelter, the fertiliser industry, wool stores, and the fishing industry.

Portland’s short stretches of beach makes it ideal for family recreation. Portland Bay is ideal for boating, fishing and sailboarding and there are many fantastic surfing spots in the area including Bridgewater Bay, Blacknose, Crumpets, Yellow Rock, Whites Beach and Murrells. Portland is a haven for the keen fisherman, with Bluefin Tuna being caught from Easter time and many species being caught from small boats, beaches and the breakwater.